I'm glad you stopped by.  This is where we begin... I am a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  I specialize in individual, couples and families, practicing in Colorado and California. I have been a long standing provider with one of the largest integrated health care organizations in the country.

With so many therapy providers, how do you figure out who would be the best to work with?  Good question!  Also ask yourself if this is about wanting to know more about who you are or are you in a crisis situation/critical turning point in your life?  That's a good starting point for you...

I have over 25+ years as a clinical provider, licensed in California since 1995 (MFC 32509) and have experience with a broad spectrum of life issues. I also have working expertise with co-occurring disorders, also known as dual diagnosis, along with Addictions for many years. This includes relapse prevention, family/couples counseling, trauma and co-dependency treatment.  I have an additional 18 years in career counseling  & entertainment including music and film. I was also an on ground and online professor for both masters and doctoral level programs with expertise/instruction in non prescribing psychopharmacology for 12 years.  It's helpful if medications are a needed part to the treatment.

I am a practical, interactive, Object Relations trained therapist. What that means is that a therapeutic relationship is developed as our baseline and from that, growth and change occurs. I talk with you. You talk with me. The session is not filled with 'ah has' and 'um ums."   My treatment approach is to provide support with insight and feedback to help you address current challenges or long-standing issues.  With clarity and compassion, I can help you explore change/resolution/integration/acceptance from the wide range of life's challenges and psychological issues.

We use a mix of methods, drawing from a selection of styles and techniques to incorporate what is most helpful for you.  Together, we'll work to understand the barriers, building new pathways of strength and confidence to achieve life goals and meaningful relationships.

Whether it is becoming aware of an existing diagnosis like bipolar mood disorder and its impact on one's life or moving through a challenging phase of life as an individual, couple or family, the combination of both cognitive intelligence/education and emotional intelligence/how we operate in the world can be illuminating and anchoring.  We are living in challenging times and I believe personal reflection is much needed for each of us to set and reset our internal compasses. Perspective is key.

There are no magic pills or wands that create change overnight and it cannot be done without your participation.  Are you getting what you want from your life or are you getting in your own way?

Therapy is an investment you make in yourself and you will reap the rewards.  Explore your potential.  Exercise your creativity.  Find and cultivate your balance. Take a deep breath. You are worth all of your efforts. Be present for your life.


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